Lactation Support Before, During and After Frenectomy Revision

Breastfeeding is all natural, but for some women it doesn't seem to come so 'natural'.

Often, mothers feel like they aren't doing something right and that they may be the cause of a problem they are experiencing. In reality, some of the leading causes of breastfeeding discomfort are attributed to an improper latch. 

A baby can be latched improperly for many reasons and can typically be remedied by repositioning and adjusting the baby's latch. However, sometimes a baby has physical factors keeping them from latching properly such as a lip or a tongue tie. Under the upper lip above the gum line or beneath our tongue, we are born with a little piece of connective tissue called the frenum

When the frenum gets in the way of breastfeeding, a frenectomy revision may be a simple solution.

Frenectomy Revision is as simple as separating this connective tissue to allow babies better mobility of the lip and the tongue to properly latch for breastfeeding. Once the frenum restriction is released, breast discomfort and poor suction issues can change dramatically. 

This sounds a lot more intimidating than it is. 

The frenectomy revision procedure is a simple procedure and can not only benefit your breastfeeding success, but help your child long-term with their speech and potentially prevent dental issues. 

A lactation professional can help identify if your baby is suffering from tongue tie complications and guide you in the direction of offices that you can trust. 

After a revision, your Arkansas Family Doulas Lactation Professional can guide you to proper breastfeeding and latch techniques.

This is where your Arkansas Family Doulas Lactation Professional can give mothers the confidence to continue their breastfeeding journey and be available to answer questions as their child gets older. 

If you or your baby are experiencing discomfort it may be as simple as improper latching.

Frenectomy Revision is a path explored by many mothers and have produced positive results. 

Arkansas Family Doulas are there to support and consult with all moms to promote educated and confident breastfeeding mothers.

Please note; Our information here should not be taken in place of medical advice. Consult with your doctor for questions and procedures pertaining to your baby's health.