Who We Are

Built on the foundations of Riverfront Doulas, Arkansas Family Doulas is still the same strong, caring, compassionate team. We are dedicated to providing unbiased support specially tailored to your unique family's needs and goals. We stand for inclusivity and equality for all families, and we whole-heartedly celebrate diversity. Each of our dedicated doulas have been extensively trained to provide you with the best continuous non-judgmental care available. We all take part in continuing education classes in order to fine-tune our skills, expand our knowledge and stay on the cutting edge of what is going on in the birth and postpartum community, both locally and globally.  

Arkansas Family Doulas is more than a bunch of independent contractors. We are a group of like-minded individuals who deeply respect each other, both professionally and personally. On a professional level, we provide on-call backup for each other and extra sets of hands, as well as challenge each other to learn and grow. On a personal level, we are friends. We have dinner together. We keep each other's kids. We celebrate each other's successes and commiserate with each other's struggles. We believe in each other and we believe in ourselves. This is what makes us strong. The AFD team will never stop fighting for better births and more support for families in Arkansas.


Client Testimonials

"Hayley and Kimberly were amazing. I went through two inductions and they were instrumental to my second one going as well as it did. I had gestational diabetes and desperately wanted to avoid a c-section. They helped through very intense contractions and an intense, brutal vaginal delivery. I’m sure without them, I would’ve ended up with an epidural and a c-section since my baby was having decels and we had to get him out quickly. 9 lbs of baby later, he’s doing great. I’d definitely recommend Hayley and Kim and my OB seemed impressed with them as well."
-M.D., Bryant

"My husband and I made a last minute decision to hire a doula for our sons birth in 2013. It was then that we crossed paths with Sondra. Even though our time with her was brief, we quickly connected and I was attracted and comforted by her positive and loving energy. My water broke on Christmas morning, of all days to give birth... but she didn't make excuses. She was there. At the hospital. ...With us. On Christmas Day! Sondra was so helpful when it came time to make decisions and guided us through everything. When the contractions began to hit hard, she was there, coaching me when necessary and offering gentle and positive support along the way. We are now pregnant again and knew right away that we could not give birth without Sondra. Her assistant, Christine, is just as sweet and kind - they truly make a great team. I was recently hospitalized due to late-term bleeding issues and they showed up to stay with me until my husband was able to arrive. Every pregnant mother should have a doula, if they are half as amazing as Sondra and Christine! Highly, highly recommend."
-M.R., Conway

"Christine walked with me step by step through my pregnancy and my delivery all the way to my postpartum care. She helped me with any questions I had about breast feeding before I delivered, and after. When I was having a hard time starting labor, she gave me exercises I could do to help baby get into a better position and stayed with me for my 48+ hour labor! I ended up having to have a c section and even though she couldn't be in the OR with me, she was there for me as much as I wanted and needed her after! I would absolutely work with her again!!! "
-M.J., Little Rock

"Hayley’s birth class was perfect preparation for my upcoming birth! The class was small which allowed for lots of open discussion and questions. Hayley was very well prepared and touched upon every aspect from pregnancy to postpartum. I feel like my husband learned a ton and is now much better prepared! This class is especially great for those who want to have a natural birth or consider different pain alternatives. Hayley is very personable, professional and knowledgeable."
-N.B., Little Rock

"I had my placenta encapsulated and I was very pleased with the job that Sarah did. She was very informative and professional. I enjoyed her company and learned so much just by the short process. If I plan on having more kids years from now, I hope to be able to use her service again! I was very pleased with the amount of capsules my placenta produced and I loved how she dehydrated my baby's umbilical chord in the shape of a heart, a keepsake I will treasure forever"
-M.S., Russellville

"Sondra came to my house to observe my son breastfeeding. She was able to not only confirm my opinion that he was tongue and lip tied, but she was able to score his mouth for a referral to an amazing pediatric dentist. Without Sondra I wouldn't have been able to continue nursing! Her lactation services changed our lives."
-M.B., Conway

"I had my placenta encapsulated and received breastfeeding consulting; Sondra is amazing! I would have given up without her help. I highly recommend her!!!"
-B.B., Conway

"I found Hayley by chance, her mother did our maternity pictures and she just so happened to be assisting that day. I shared with Hayley and her mother about my plans to nurse and learned she was a doula. My nursing journey was quite challenging from the beginning. I remembered Hayley and got in touch with her to help with latching. We communicated through phone and then she even offered to come to my home for a one on one help session. During that session within thirty minutes, my daughter was latching. It was such an amazing feeling! I had all but given up and was ready to quit completely. If it weren’t for Hayley I would not be nursing today. Even now, if I have questions or difficulty, I feel comfortable calling or texting for advice which I have done on several occasions. Hayley is skillful, personable, and very knowledgeable. I am so grateful to her for encouraging and educating me along the way to having a successful nursing journey! I highly recommend her!!"
-S.T., Bryant

"Christine was amazing! My son was sunny-side-up and still sitting high even after 18hours of labor, and she made a quick trip to the hospital to help. While Christine was massaging the ligaments in my back, I felt my son make a huge shift and the next time the nurse checked me and he had finally started to engage more and my labor started to progress! I can't thank her enough for what she did! I will definitely be using this group of women for my next birth!"                                                                                                                                                                                                      -V.M., Little Rock

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