Childbirth Classes

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We know that adding to your family can be overwhelming, between all the changes in your body, your lifestyle, relationship dynamics, to the plethora of opinions  you will hear about your journey into parenthood. In our comprehensive classes, we will introduce you all the concepts and science-backed information you will need to begin your journey. This class comes in the form of a personalized childbirth guide that zeros in on your interests and concerns.

Traditionally, childbirth education classes have been taught in a group setting. Many people like that that allows them to connect with people in their area who are going through the same walk of life. This shared group setting can be a fun and light-hearted way to learn. But did you know you have another option? [read more here]

We are also happy to provide childbirth classes in the privacy of your home. For many, this more intimate setting can make it easier to feel comfortable asking more questions and sharing any concerns or fears. This also enables your instructor to give one couple their full, undivided attention. 

Whatever your personal preferences on class setting, we've got you covered! You may also choose your class length. We offer a 3-hour class for those with a busy schedule who simply want a breakdown of the basics. Then we also offer a 5-hour class for those who want a deeper and more thorough understanding of the basics.

Whether you’re in Fort Smith, Bentonville, Hot Springs, Little Rock or Conway, we have private childbirth classes available in your region. Contact us to register for your childbirth class today.

Group Class Location 

Restoration Health 

(Next to The Pharmacy at Wellington) 

15400 Chenal Parkway, Suite 120

 Little Rock, AR 72223