Frenectomy Revision Support

When a baby is unable to latch properly, the effects on the breastfeeding relationship can be devastating. Healing from childbirth and getting into the swing of life with a newborn is exhausting enough even without breastfeeding obstacles.  In the presence of continued nipple pain or other symptoms, it is important that the breastfeeding relationship be evaluated by a lactation professional.  Our lactation experts at Arkansas Family Doulas are trained to recognize and identify breastfeeding issues and help you come up with a plan to resolve them.  When a lip or tongue tie is suspected, our lactation specialists can help get the mother and baby set up to be evaluated by a local specializing physician who can help further.

Symptoms may include but are not limited to: 

  • Poor weight gain

  • Difficulty establishing a strong milk supply

  • Baby falling asleep prematurely, only to wake up hungry too soon after

  • Reflux and colic symptoms

  • Nipple pain

  • Clicking sound from baby's mouth when nursing

  • Poor suction

  • Ineffectively draining breasts, leading to frequent clogs in milk ducts

  • Baby popping off the breast frequently

  • Leaking milk from the sides of the baby's mouth

  • Baby's mouth slipping down to the end of the nipple



When we began noticing many of our clients being faced with lip and tongue tie issues, we knew we had to find an expert that we trust to refer out to. We are proud to be working with Dr. Alex Hamilton of Hamilton Family Dentistry in Bryant, AR. Dr. Alex is paving the way to resolve frenectomy-related breastfeeding issues in Arkansas by providing Waterlase Frenectomy Revision. He is the first physician in the state to go to great lengths to support breastfeeding mothers by providing lactation support post-procedure and in the days following. This collaboration of medical care and lactation support is crucial in overcoming this common lactation obstacle and improving the breastfeeding relationship.

Sondra Rodocker, IBCLC & Alex Hamilton, DDS

Sondra Rodocker, IBCLC & Alex Hamilton, DDS