The Milk Run

We celebrate every occasion to get out and support mothers in our community. 

This will be our second year sponsoring a local event that provides funding for breastfeeding resources in the Little Rock Arkansas area. 

The nonprofit organization Mothers United Arkansas has continued the annual Milk Run 5K for 2016. Mothers United partners with The Arkansas Breastfeeding Coalition to raise money for breastfeeding resources in our community, but they can't do it alone.

This 5K race is a celebration of families working together for an amazing cause. These resources are important for families in Arkansas who lack the resources and supplies to safely breastfeed their children.

Support for breastfeeding moms creates independent and empowered women of all socioeconomic standings. Every woman deserves breast health and breastfeeding resources.

Fundraisers like The Milk Run 5K keep our community's breastfeeding support groups fully stocked and operational. 

Support groups are a crucial part of the breastfeeding journey for may women. Without the support of others it can make it difficult for some women to reach their personal breastfeeding goals. 

The 5K will raise money from registration proceeds and replenish resources at local breastfeeding support groups and clinics. Help keep every baby in Arkansas full bellied, healthy and happy.

Arkansas Family Doulas is proud to support this cause and applauds the efforts of Mother's United and The Arkansas Breastfeeding Coalition for establishing this fundraiser and making it such a fun event to participate with your entire family. 

Join us to support breastfeeding mothers in the Arkansas at the Milk Run this Saturday August 6th beginning at 7:00am. All ages and skill levels are welcome at this event, so we look forward to seeing families supporting all mothers in Arkansas.

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