Frenectomy Revision Support

When a baby is unable to latch properly, it affects the breastfeeding relationship. It can be devastating to the mother when she has continued pain.  If the pain continues, it is important that the breastfeeding relationship is evaluated by a Lactation Professional.  Our Lactation Experts at Arkansas Family Doulas are trained to recognize what is typical in a breastfeeding relationship and when there may be a little more going on.  We can recognize the symptoms of lip and tongue tie and help set up the mother and baby to be evaluated by a physician who can properly evaluate and diagnose a lip and tongue tie if it's present. 


  • Poor Weight Gain
  • Falling Asleep Prematurely Only To Wake Up Hungry Later
  • Reflux/Colic Symptoms 
  • Pain/Nipple Trauma
  • Clicking Sound 
  • Poor Suction 
  • Poor Breast Drainage
  • Popping On And Off The Breast
  • Leaking From The Sides Of The Mouth 
  • Slipping To The End Of The Breast



This is why Arkansas Family Doulas reached out to an expert. We are proud to be working with Dr. Alex Hamilton of Hamilton Family Dentistry in Bryant, AR. Dr. Alex is paving the way in Arkansas by providing families with the option of Waterlase Frenectomy revision. He is the first physician in the state of Arkansas to make sure his breastfeeding mothers have access to Lactation Support post revision and the days following the procedure. This combination of physician and Lactation Support collaboration will help aide mothers in reaching their personal breastfeeding goals and allowing them to have a positive breastfeeding relationship with their baby.  

                        Sondra Rodocker, IBCLC & Alex Hamilton, DDS

                      Sondra Rodocker, IBCLC & Alex Hamilton, DDS