Lactation Consultations

Breastfeeding is a learning process for both mother and baby. It sometimes comes easy, but usually not. Oftentimes it can present challenges, some small, some substantial. But with quality support, we believe you and your baby together can overcome anything!

At Arkansas Family Doulas, we offer lactation education, hands-on assistance and emotional support. We work closely supporting newly postpartum breastfeeding families in the comfort of their own homes or in our office. We take an unbiased, evidence-based approach that helps parents to make informed decisions and achieve their breastfeeding goals. Our lactation professionals have extensive clinical time as well as education specific in human lactation.

 What to expect with a lactation consultation:

  • Unbiased personalized breastfeeding support to meet mother and baby's needs 
  • Assistance in a variety of feeding positions
  • A warm, gentle approach so that mother and baby feel comfortable, safe and relaxed
  • Learn baby hunger cues 
  • Learn more about how the human body makes and releases milk
  • How to achieve and maintain a healthy milk supply

We love to work closely with the family's health care providers to ensure that the mother and baby's needs are being met and that everyone is working together to best support the breastfeeding journey.


Schedule Your Lactation Support Today!

                                   Sondra - IBCLC                              Serving Central Arkansas 

                                 Sondra - IBCLC

                          Serving Central Arkansas 

                                   Michelle - IBCLC                             Serving Northwest Arkansas 

                                 Michelle - IBCLC

                          Serving Northwest Arkansas 


In Home Consults and Video Consults are Available Everyday of the Week with Sondra & Michelle. 

In Office Lactation Consults with Sondra are by appointment.