Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian West Gives Birth!

Kim Kardashian


It has been released that Kim Kardashian West has given birth and she and her baby are doing great. We couldn't be more excited for the new mother!  It does leave us wondering how does this make other women giving birth feel? Do people make a fuss about them like they are Mrs. Kanye West? 

Well at Riverfront Doulas we do! You get the the royal treament and our clients are so important to us. You hold celebrity status to us and you are treated as such. Our clients sometimes joke when they walk through the halls of the hospital to check in that they have their Entourage with them. You know "These are my people, my Doula people."

We love when a mother has confidence walking in the halls as she's in labor and she tells us exactly what she needs. Yes giving birth is an intimate time for families and it's a very pesonal space, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't feel like the most important person in the world during that time.

Our focus is you!

If you want us to bring you something to drink, you got it!

Need hair and  makeup? We are on it! 

You need the paparazzi? We'll alert them for you or we can be them for you! 

Whatever it is you need to feel like a star, we will make that happen. The spotlight is on you & we are here to help you feel comfortable & supported. 

So take a look at our Labor Doula Services & learn more about what it's like to have a Doula by your side.  


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Authored By: Sondra Rodocker