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Veronica grew up in the one stoplight town of Star City, Arkansas. She was a band geek and twirled flag until her senior year. While she was in high school, she met Jeffery, her future husband. After she graduated, the couple moved to Amity, and then later Hot Springs. 

In 2008, they married. Veronica knew she wanted to start a family with Jeffery, so she started buying tons of pregnancy books, researching online, and reading tons of pregnancy blogs. After about three years of trying, with no success, they decided to go to discuss fertility options. After her first round of fertility treatments, Veronica became pregnant. She found 'The Business of Being Born' documentary on Netflix, and discovered this whole "Doula" thing. Unfortunately, that pregnancy ended in a loss, BUT the discovery of being a Doula gave Veronica something to focus on. 

In December of 2014, Veronica gave birth to a sweet little rainbow baby, Nora. Veronica still studied everything she could about pregnancy, fertility, and what a Doula was. She KNEW this is exactly what she wanted to do. Her husband made fun of her because of her obsession. She had just about every book on anything to do with pregnancy, childbirth, doulas, fertility...basically anything to do with ANY of those subjects. 

She met Sondra in 2015 and she introduced her to ProDoula and all the wonderful things about being a Doula. Veronica is now a pre-certified Labor AND Postpartum Doula with ProDoula, with goals of becoming certified in Postpartum Placenta Encapsulation, Childbirth Educator, and many more. It's her passion to be able to support a woman, her child, and her family in any aspect she can. She believes that every woman deserves that much, and more.