No Child Wet Behind - Arkansas

Want to know more about our No Child Wet Behind - Arkansas 5k Row sponsored by Wellness Revolution - Little Rock?! Smitty from Wellness Revolution Crossfit helps answer some of our questions! Registration link to come!! #nochildwetbehind#wellnessrevolution #crossfit #5krow

nochildwetbehind arkansas

They say a good deed is its own reward, but families can enjoy themselves, too, at the second annual No Child Wet Behind Diaper Drive. Bring joy to your kids and help provide clean diapers to kids in need!

no child wet behind jonesboro police department

The Jonesboro Police Department and Arkansas Family Doulas have partnered to help provide diapers to families in need whom police officers encounter.....

no child wet behind north little rock police department

North Little Rock Police Sgt. Dedrick, right, helps Heather Barrios, left, to load a police vehicle with donated diapers this Monday in Little Rock.