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Paula is proud to be a “home-grown” Arkansan, wife, and mother of seven. She attended Henderson State University initially on music and academic scholarships, majoring in clarinet and piano. While taking a break from the rigorous demands of musician life, she unexpectedly became a mother, and from then on, her decisions centered around being the best mother she could be. After taking a year to care for her new baby, she chose nursing as her career and graduated from Baptist School of Nursing in 1996. Shortly after beginning work as a registered nurse, she met a handsome respiratory therapist named Greg, who would become her husband and partner in many adventures.

She stopped breastfeeding her second child much sooner than she wanted, not knowing where to turn for support through the challenges. With her third child, she was able to reach her breastfeeding goals with support from the local LLL and an IBCLC. Soon after returning to work, she transferred to the Women & Children department and has been supporting breastfeeding families in the hospital for more than ten years. She continues to work part-time in the hospital and answers calls for the Arkansas Breastfeeding Helpline.

As a mother of many children, with ages ranging from toddler to adult, she is frequently asked for mothering advice. The best advice she has is this: Read everything you can and ultimately trust your own mothering instincts!
In her 22 years as a mother, she has formula fed and has breastfed. She has fed her children home-cooked organic foods, and at times, she has let them eat McDonald's. She has been a single working mom, a stay-at-home mom, and everything in between. She is committed to providing judgment-free support to moms as they find their own way.

When she has free time, she can be found enthusiastically supporting the Sheridan bands, sitting on her front porch strumming on a guitar, learning about herbs, or getting some exercise.