Serving Northwest Arkansas 


Katie resides in Fayetteville Arkansas with her husband Kyle and their soon to be son, Jett. She has her bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics, with an extensive background in personal training, meal prep, and designing meal plans.  

She began working in the nutrition department in the  NICU at Washington Regional Medical Center in 2016 where she quickly became passionate about infant feeding, specifically breastfeeding.  This has led her to pursue her IBCLC. She has received all of her training in the NICU and postpartum  department through the hospital and is an Applicant for examination administered by IBLCE. She is scheduled to sit for her boards in April. 

She loves the breastfeeding relationship and everything that can come with it. Including the not so easy, up all night, sometimes un-natural aspects of it. She’s a listener, encourager, and problem solver and would love nothing more than to help you on your breastfeeding journey.