Serving Central Arkansas 

                  Photo By:  Wandering Oaks Photography

                  Photo By: Wandering Oaks Photography

Hayley is a Natural State native with a passion for supporting women and watching families grow. She has two daughters, Juliet (5 years old) and Faye (3 years old). Even when she herself was a small child, Hayley's family often referred to her as "a little mother hen," since she was always mothering her younger siblings and friends.

When Hayley became pregnant for the first time, she became enthralled with the physiological, emotional, and spiritual processes of childbirth. She had her first child via emergency c-section birth, which made her determined to learn more about all birth options available. Hayley's second birth was attended by a doula and ended in a successful VBAC delivery. From that experience, Hayley was convinced of the countless benefits of having a doula, and felt called to become a doula herself.

Hayley is particularly passionate about breastfeeding because she faced and overcame many challenges on her own breastfeeding journeys. She started and runs a Facebook support group for breastfeeding mothers (Mother Bare's Breastfeeding Support Forum) to increase awareness of common challenges, to build community, and to spread non-judgmental encouragement to breastfeeding women everywhere.

Hayley now teaches childbirth education classes as well. She was inspired to earn this credential because of a class she attended at a hospital before her first child was born. She left the class much more scared than she went into it. And she knew that is not the way a childbirth class should be. Hayley aims to educate women and their partners in a way that removes all doubt from their minds and helps them feel mentally prepared and excited to give birth.

Above all, Hayley encourages women to own their birth, no matter what their personal preferences and goals may be. Her birth philosophy is "One size does not fit all." She is determined to provide professional, unconditional, unbiased support to all of her clients, because that is precisely what all laboring women deserve.