A Surrogates Strength

2018 started off with 2 very memorable deliveries for me as a Doula. I supported 2 brave and amazing surrogates as they gave birth to beautiful little babies who would be loved and cared for by their intended parents. It’s not uncommon for clients to be on the search for their Doula as soon as they find out they’re pregnant. So how is that different when you are a surrogate? Well, usually a surrogate is searching for their support person before they are scheduled to begin any medications and transfer of the embryo. It’s important that a surrogate has a strong support system for themselves.

One of my clients asked if I would be willing to come with her for the transfer of Baby J. I was completely honored to accompany her for the transfer. I had the privilege of supporting her through the birth of 2 of her own children, so there was no way I would miss being a part of this journey with her. I did joke with her that the only instance I wouldn’t be there for Baby J’s birth was if I was at the Justin Timberlake concert in Little Rock. If you know me, I don’t even have to explain my love for JT…LOL! It was a constant joke her entire pregnancy and low and behold, she was in labor on January 17th and delivered Baby J on January 18th. I didn’t miss the birth ;)

We traveled to Asia for Baby J’s transfer. Cambodia to be exact. It was an INCREDIBLE experience and eye opening experience all in one. If you thought the roundabouts in Conway were crazy, you’ve obviously never been do Cambodia! That experience will remain with me forever and I am so glad to have been a part of the entire process. While she labored with Baby J, I was constantly in awe of her commitment and dedication to bringing him into the world safely so he could meet his father.

Baby Z made her entrance in January as well. Her birth was utterly AMAZING! Not just the process of her birth, but the entire process of the birth of a beautiful family. The connection this family has with the surrogate who grew and protected Baby Z while she grew to the strong beautiful little girl we all met that day, it’s absolutely inspiring. There wasn’t a dry eye in the delivery room that day as Baby Z’s mother and father heard her cry for the very first time. In a moment like that, nothing else around you matters. It’s these kinds of moments that remind you there is good in the world and there are people who are so selfless that they give of themselves to help others become parents.

Each contraction these amazing women felt, was a building block to the foundation of these growing families. They were guardian angels for these tiny little ones who could not wait to meet their parents. They showed me that with the right support anything can be accomplished. They may not realize that their strength forever changed my heart. Their strength showed me hearts can be mended and dreams still do come true.