Will Placenta Encapsulation Prevent Postpartum Depression?

Frustrated Mother Suffering From Post Natal Depression

Imagine a Friday night out with eight of your girlfriends. You all go for a nice dinner, maybe karaoke. Its seems like a good night but one of your friends is little off. Maybe she’s obsessing over her recent birth, or overly stressed about the baby at home. She’s a little off but you don’t think much about it, after all, new moms get stressed over everything…

But maybe it’s not just new mom stress. Maybe, its postpartum depression.

Did you know that one in eight women suffer from postpartum depression? That means that one friend out of the eight you went out with that Friday night might have been struggling with postpartum depression.

You didn’t think about it, because no one talks about it. And that’s okay. No one talks about eating their placenta either.

What?!?? Eat your placenta?!

But did you know that many women find that consuming their placenta through placenta encapsulation has drastically reduced their symptoms or completely prevent them from suffering from postpartum depression?ABC News interviewed a Tamara Guida where she explained how theplacenta is perfectly created to support your baby and a perfect hormone support for you.

And while you may not be the one who suffers from postpartum depression, its better to have the insurance of your encapsulated placenta and not need it, then not have it done at all.

While there are many other benefits, placenta encapsulation has been suggested to reduce or prevent postpartum depression. Contact Riverfront Doulas about placenta encapsulation today.

Authored By: Heather Barrios