Birth Eclipse: Reaching Totality

The Solar corona during a total solar eclipse on March 9, 2016. An observation from Tidore island, Indonesia (This is an original photo! Not NASA public pictures!)

There has been a stir in the last couple of weeks leading up to the total solar eclipse. So much information about what to expect during what is being referred to as one of natures most awe inspiring sights. The more information I hear about the eclipse of 2017, the more I can compare it preparing for birth.

One of the first things that happens when you start your birth journey, is you get a date of when to expect your baby. A date you hold close to your heart and plan everything around. Which, unlike the eclipse, we know can change a little. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later. Babies are really unpredictable as to when they want to make their appearance. 

As your pregnancy progresses and you watch your growing baby reach milestone after milestone, you are given all this information on what is the right thing to do and how to be safe. It can be a bit overwhelming. In reference to the eclipse, a lot of information is being put out there.  Like when to look at the eclipse, when to look away, etc. The information given goes down to the tiniest details like the right eye protection to wear. This information can be overwhelming too and makes you want to stay inside during this amazing event. 

This is how a lot of parents feel when preparing for the birth of their baby. My best advice is don’t let what you have not experienced scare you into “staying indoors.” Process the information and make the decisions you feel most comfortable with. When your baby is ready, it will be a day you have anticipated and embrace with emotion. Your labor will progress as your journey continues to meet your baby. Just as the sun and the moon reach totality to achieve a total eclipse, you and your baby work to progress together to meet for your moment of birth totality. 

The moment you meet your baby is an absolutely moving and breathtaking event. It will be a moment completely unique. I think I would have to disagree with NASA that the total solar eclipse is natures most awe inspiring sights. The moment you meet your baby skin to skin, breath to breath is the most awe inspiring sights. It’s truly a moment you will never forget.

Mother Holding Her Newborn Baby After a Home Birth