Don't Be A Fool


You may have seen one of the two images floating around the internet since April 1st of last year. We decided to go ahead and reshare it this year so people know who they can reach out to if they are going through, loss, or infertility. What we didn't expect last year was our post reaching almost 5 million people just through Facebook. 

What is really great about it is we know others came across it and they didn't post the initial Facebook "I'm pregnant, oh wait Happy April Fools!" We hope by helping spread this message, we are part of your journey to spread awareness that infertility and infant/child loss suck and it hurts. Being direct and telling others that this "joke" hurts your feelings, it's ok. Share this image from our Facebook page or our instagram to help spread the message. The more people know that this is not ok, and that it hurts others, the message will continue to spread. We hear you, we see you, know that we support you. 

#DontBeAFool #ARFamilies #ShareLearnGrow