Coming Soon: Riverfront Doulas Car Seat Safety Class


When you give birth to a baby in a hospital, you typically spend 2-3 nights there while receiving all the help in the world. 

You have the labor, delivery and maternity nurses there to teach you, guide you and aid you in your recovery.

On day 3 you wake up, you pack your bags, and you strap your 7lb bundle of joy into the car seat that you received as a gift at your baby shower.

The nurse directs you to have a seat in the wheel chair, she places your ‘strapped-in’ baby on your lap and she proceeds to wheel you out to the parking lot.

Once at your vehicle, you are responsible for the correct installation of your car seat, safely transporting your baby from home and keeping it alive for the decades to come. 

Life outside the womb proves to be a dangerous place for infants and children and as parents, we are more capable then we think. But still, driving our children in a moving vehicle seems like a responsibility better suited for someone else.

According to the Child Passenger Safety Education Program, over 90% of car seats checked by their technicians have at least one error. 

Car seat shopping can be overwhelming. Not only that, so can installing your car seat.

How do you know if you are properly installing your child's car seat?

Riverfront Doulas is excited to be educating families in Arkansas on how to keep their children safe through our Car Seat Safety Class! 

Come learn from our Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician, Brittany Barrett. Together they will teach you what to look for in a car seat and how to install it safely. 


Join us on June 11th from 2:00-3:00pm at Babies'R'Us!

Register for Riverfront Doulas' Car Seat Safety Class today!