Weathering The Storm


It was a Monday night like any other. The kids were in bed, and my husband and I were winding down for the night. We were watching an episode of Friends on Netflix when the National Weather Service alerted our phones of a tornado warning in Central Arkansas. 

Immediately, we flip the television over to the local news station and were surprised to see that they weren't showing any live weather coverage. I quickly switched to KARK Channel 4 News and was relieved to see live weather updates for Central Arkansas. The phrase “Take cover” was all I could hear. My husband went to grab the boys out of bed and we all quickly ran to the most central room in the house. Our dogs followed us and we all crammed in a small space and hunkered down. I had my National Weather Service app on while my dazed and tired sons kept asking questions. 

Ten minutes later the warning was lifted and we tucked our boys safely back into bed. We went back into our room, curled up into bed and we were thankful to have weathered the storm. 

I cannot thank KARK Channel 4 News enough for their up-to-date weather information that kept us safe and current on what was going on and what was happening in Central Arkansas. 

Thank you KARK Channel 4 News for keeping our family and Central Arkansas safe. 

Authored by: Sondra Rodocker