The Arkansas Breastfeeding Coalition

Arkansas Breastfeeding Coalition

We know that breastfeeding in America is still met with backlash and shame and we aren't quite sure why. Women are shamed into dirty bathrooms and the stuffy confines of their cars to breastfeed their children. It's frustrating to see the mothers of our children treated this way, and whenever we can we encourage others to take a stand with us.

This is a violation of a woman’s rights and unhealthy.

We support all mothers.

Regardless of whether or not they breastfeed.

In partnership with our core values, we participate in the Breastfeeding Coalition of our area.

While breastfeeding it is important to know your rights. Education leads to empowerment.

What protects breastfeeding mothers under Arkansas state law?

It is your legal right to breastfeed. You may be surprised to read that legally Arkansas supports breastfeeding mothers in public and in the workplace and it is specifically outlined as state law. Employers must to provide an environment and time during your workday to pump.

That safe place for you to pump legally doesn't include a dirty bathroom stall. 

It is also against state law to categorize breastfeeding as indecent exposure

So now that all that is taken care of...

What is a Breastfeeding Coalition?

There is a national coalition effort aims to normalize breastfeeding while developing programs that support breastfeeding mothers in the United States. In 1995 the National Alliance for Breastfeeding Advocacy "NABA" was officially formed. 

How does the Breastfeeding Coalition help mothers?

The aim of this association was to address needs not being met and rights being blatantly violated by the federal government and institutions, businesses or individuals.

The group aims to promote breastfeeding research and fund programs that create more social awareness and education

Encouraged community activism helps create centers in our communities that provide resources for a diverse group of breastfeeding mothers. Families can access lactation consultations and services in a secure and local environment. 

We also hope to change the minds of businesses and employers that shun away breastfeeding mothers. The standard needs to change for working moms that deserve a private and clean place to pump.

NABA pushes the normalize breastfeeding movement to be present in the media to transform the American view on breastfeeding. The goal is to push a positive message about breastfeeding and put an end to the sexualization of the topic. 

This movement is a national agenda and we have started seeing more social figures and celebrities supporting breastfeeding and breaking down the stigmas that surround it. 

We are making strides in the right direction, but still have a long way to go before the United States openly encourages public feeding and resources for breastfeeding women. 

Our Support

The Arkansas Family Doulas lactation professionals aim to provide women with expert care and support for their breastfeeding journey.

Our Breastfeeding Basics Class teaches mothers everything there is to know about breastfeeding their baby. A big element of our consultations and workshops is the confidence that women should have going forward as a breastfeeding mom.

Arkansas Family Doulas is there to support the Breastfeeding Coalition and mothers that need breastfeeding or lactation support of any kind.

Bottle or breast, we are a team of strong and confident mothers.

This philosophy simply creates a better environment to raise our children.

 Hopefully in the future we will be able to experience a shift in the way Americans discuss birth and newborn care.

But for now,

Every baby step counts.

Contact us if you are considering breastfeeding your child or are interested in supporting the Breastfeeding Coalition in your area.  The more support gathered for this movement, the closer we are to breastfeeding research and assistance nationwide for all breastfeeding mothers.