Top 5 Essentials For Childbirth - Part 1: Birth Photography

Figuring out the essentials for childbirth can be difficult! We have done the research and have come up with a short list of things you can't go without. Follow us as we go over our top 5 essentials for childbirth.

Up until now, your wedding day was probably the biggest, most memorable day of your life. You probably spent months preparing with your wedding planner to pick out the perfect caterer, best music selections and most amazing florist. Most importantly, you hired a professional photographer to capture every moment, from getting dressed with you bridesmaids to the wave goodbye as you left the reception.

Now, you've found out you are pregnant and this is about to be the biggest, most memorable day of your life. So instead of picking out a caterer, you are consulting with a Lactation Professional for bottle feeding or breastfeeding support, and instead of finding a musician, you are booking a Birth Doula or Postpartum Doula. But you didn't ask your sister or cousin to be your wedding photographer... why wouldn't you hire a professional birth photographer?


By hiring a professional birth photographer every moment is captured beautifully. From the trials of childbirth to the sweet moments of meeting your baby for the first time, a seasoned birth photographer can help you preserve the emotions of those intimate moments tastefully and artistically.


But like your wedding photographer can book up early, so can your birth photographer. Our professional recommendation, Brittany Oaks with Wandering Oaks Photography, is fantastic at capturing the emotion in the moment and wants you to be able to reconnect with that feeling of joy and happiness every time you look at your photos.


Check out her portfolio or the gallery below and schedule your consult. Hire a birth photographer for the next biggest, most memorable day of your life!


PHOTOS TAKEN BY: Wandering Oaks Photography

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