The postpartum period is such a dream.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't say it's always a sweet dream... It's like a dream in the way that at some point, you wake up with an awareness that time has passed, but you feel a little disoriented by the obscurity of all those sleepless nights and half-awake days.
If you have a solid support system and a few good self-care habits in place, the postpartum period will leave a precious imprint in yours and your partner's memory forever. It will ease you gently (maybe sometimes not so gently) into new and exciting phases of parenthood, making you laugh at yourself as you learn along the way.
But the postpartum period can be a totally different animal for some of us... If you have no family nearby or if you have dysfunctional relationships with your family, if you don't have many friends or if your friends are in different chapters of their lives, if you are experiencing turmoil in your relationship with your partner or if you don't have a partner, the postpartum period can be incredibly lonely. It can be like a deep, endless cavern where all you can hear are echos of baby cries and your own racing thoughts.
If you are in a place like that right now, please reach out to us. Don't wait to see if things get better on their own. Don't neglect yourself or allow guilt to creep in and rob you of the joy you deserve to experience during this fleeting time in your family's life.
Every family needs unconditional, judgment-free emotional and practical support for the weeks and even months after a birth. This work is our passion. Call us.