The Biggest Mistake Every New Parent Makes That You're Doing Too

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You've come from from the hospital and settled in with your new baby. You've got the latest and greatest baby gear, you've hired your Postpartum & Infant Care Doula to help you ease into your new rhythm of life and your family and friends all signed up for a meal train to keep the stress of "What's For Dinner?" away for the next four weeks. Your new little family appears to be set up for success.

Then, out of no where, you are overwhelmed with thoughts...

"What if we're not feeding your baby correctly?

What if our baby is sleeping to much or not at all?

Did we burp the baby right? Are we holding them right?

What if we swaddle the baby too tight or they overheat?

What if we are doing everything wrong?"

This precious little baby, so delicate and new, is now your responsibility to care for, keep healthy and love. But what about that nagging feeling that everything you are doing for your baby is wrong or not enough?

Self-doubt can feel so overwhelming, like it could swallow you whole. Self-doubt can make you question everything you do, give you a feeling of inadequacy and that no matter what you do, that you are not enough. Self-doubt is biggest mistake you can make as a new parent.

The best way to combat self-doubt is to surround yourself with a community of support and reassurance. This is the best time to tell your opinionated friends and families, that while you appreciate their advice, that you've got this. Talk with your Postpartum & Infant Care Doula about what troubles you to get those feelings off your chest while she reassures you that only you can make these decisions for your baby and that you are doing the very best for your family.

You brought this baby into the world and only you know what's best for them. For non-judgement support and complete reassurance that you know what's best, contact someone at our office and we would be more than happy to support you on this new journey.