Staying Safe During the Summer

Top 3 Tips for Pregnancy During the Summer Months in Central Arkansas

pregnancy in summer arkansas

Pregnancy in the summer time can seem daunting. If you weren’t already running hot during our mild Arkansas winter, we’ve skipped spring and headed right into summer. Luckily we have a few tips and tricks to help make your summer more bearable!

1. Stay Hydrated! 

It should go with out saying that you should drink lots of water during your pregnancy, but take extra care during the hot and humid summer. Being overly active and dehydrated are a few triggers of Braxton Hicks contractions, or practice contractions. And while it’s easy to reach for a tall glass of southern sweet tea, the caffeine in tea or soda can actually make your dehydration worse. If you need a little zing to your drink, try adding citrus fruit or cucumbers for a little flavor!

2. Stay Cool!

The best way to staying cool in the hot Arkansas summer is dressing smart. Whether your headed to the office or off to Lake Maumelle, dressing in layers and wearing natural fibers like cotton can help keep you more comfortable. This allows you to remove or add a layer while your are out and about.

3. Stay Shaded!

But even the best dressed get too hot which is why its important to stay in the shade! Spending the morning at the Little Rock River Market, sitting pool side in the afternoon and going to an outdoor dinner party sounds like fun but make sure you are listening to your body. Make sure you are able to find a place in the shade or indoor activities through out the day to keep from overheating.


Not sure what to expect during pregnancy, especially during the summer? Talk with one of our Childbirth Educators about creating a road map on what to expect in early pregnancy, what's normal or what's not, and when to call your health care provider.