The #1 Thing Families Forget About When Having A Baby

Pregnant woman making packing list for maternity hospital at home

Could this be it? Is this the moment you've been waiting for?

As you load your overnight bags, breastfeeding pillow, diaper bag, and extra snacks into the car you run through your head all the things you might have forgotten. You packed the camera, you packed the chargers, not to mention a couple of baby outfits or layette for coming home from the hospital as well as your favorite blanket and pillow to make your short stay in the hospital feel as much like home as possible.

But did you forget anything? Did you leave your flat iron on or forget to turn out the lights? Did leave something behind or forget to pack a crucial item?

Having a baby is one of the biggest moments of your life and what you have spent the last nine months preparing for. The nursery is painted, you've taken your childbirth class and have a great birth plan in place.

But what about after the baby arrives? Have you prepared for your transition into parenthood?

Sure, you have family in town, your friends planned a meal train and you met with a lactation professional to get the basics of breastfeeding but what happens when the family is gone, the meals run out and it's the middle of your third sleepless night and you can't get your baby to latch?

By creating a solid postpartum and newborn care plan, your Postpartum & Infant Care Doula can help navigate visiting family, keep meals planned and put together, as well as help make sure everyone gets a good night sleep. To make sure nothing gets forgotten, let us pair you with one of our highly trained Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas to help guide you through the twists and turns of your journey into parenthood.