Born This Way


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With the Super Bowl LI behind us, we are left with lots of emotions and a million reasons to be sad or to celebrate. If you are a Falcon's fan, we're sorry. If you are a Patriots fan, congratulations! But no matter what team you were cheering for, don't hide yourself in regret, keep supporting your team.

And when it comes to your pregnancy, no matter what you decide,  you have our support. Are you planning an unmedicated vaginal delivery or a planned cesarean? There ain't no other way to give birth to your baby, because this is your birth and our job is to cheer you on. 

You can always count us for 100% nonjudgmental support no matter what calls are made because at Arkansas Family Doulas, a winning score is when you walk away from your birth satisfied and you get to snuggle with your baby, cheek to cheek

No matter what your birth preferences are, you're on the right track, baby you were born to be brave. Let us support you through your experiences and help you feel empowered to help your baby be born your way.