Thank You Wellness Revolution!

wellness revolution no child wet behind arkansas

This Presenting Sponsor we are about to announce is one that is near and dear to our heart. This business located in Little Rock, Arkansas is a large part of our community, serving families on so many different levels from newborns to grown adults and one that Arkansas Family Doulas has worked with, side-by-side, from pregnancy to postpartum. We are elated to share with you that Wellness Revolution has joined to support the cause of No Child Wet Behind, to help bring awareness and bring clean diapers to  children.

"At Wellness Revolution, our mission is to lead, enlighten and empower people to live a better life."

As soon as you walk into their beautiful office located of Chenal Parkway in West Little Rock, you are greeted by friendly faces and a myriad of professionals ready to serve all of your wellness needs. Their chiropractor Dr. Vincent, and new addition Dr. Slattery, are ready to help you feel your very best by realigning your body. You can find other ways to reach the peak of wellness through massage therapy, nutrition and exercise. 

No matter your physical fitness, Wellness Revolution is ready to help get your body moving! Many prefer personal training, because you get a one-on-one experience with a professional who meets you where you are and helps you do better. But group classes like CrossFit or ReFit, are great for all level no matter your fitness level, weight or athleticism. And ranked in the Top 10 by Little Rock City Voters, you know that you will be receiving exceptional care and services.

Again, thank you to Wellness Revolution for supporting No Child Wet Behind, and seeing the vision of leading people to live a better life by supporting families who have unimaginable struggles. With out your sponsorship we would be unable to reach families in Little Rock and around the state of Arkansas.

We are still accepting sponsorship on all levels! Arkansas Family Doulas would love your support in bringing continued awareness to national non-profit No Child We Behind and help your local community. If you would like to help support the 1 in 3 families that struggles to diaper their children please click the button below!