Why Our Private CBE Classes Are Private

Everyday we strive to make Arkansas moms as prepared as can be to meet their new baby.

Childbirth education classes are a great way to network with other moms and get acquainted with the birth and newborn care process. But sometimes you just need something a little more private.

Attending a childbirth education class offers extra peace of mind as your due date approaches, giving you the education you need to make the decisions that work for you and your baby.

You asked and we delivered. 

We offer private childbirth education classes to everyone, not just our existing clients.

Our private CBE classes are just that, completely one on one and completely private. 

When you enroll in a private CBE class, one of our instructors comes right to your home and gives you all the childbirth education basics from our standard classes. This is the perfect option for our late stage pregnant moms that are on bed rest or too uncomfortable to get out to our traditional CBE classes. The private sessions are the ultimate marriage of convenience and privacy. 

On Your Schedule

Sometimes life gets a little hectic. 

Our private classes are on your schedule, tailored to fit perfectly into your busy week. Your time is valuable and our one on one sessions are tailored to your specific birth location and needs. 

We craft our agenda for everything you need to know and nothing you don't, with opportunities for you to get the answers you need for any question. 

Answers for Every Question

There's no question too awkward or uncomfortable to ask. During your private CBE session, you can ask the questions you might not ask about your baby's birth in a group setting. You should be completely comfortable getting the information you need and many mothers to be feel more confident in their in-home sessions. You don't have to feel judged for bringing up any detail or question.

Familiar Faces

If our doulas are in your birth plan, we work in pairs of two! One of your two doulas will always be CBE certified. This is a great way to get better acquainted with your doulas or open the door to a more comfortable experience finding a birth or postpartum doula that's right for you.


Get the answers you need before the big day arrives, all in the comfort of your own home.

If our group class setting isn't for you, our doulas are in the comfort business and there to make sure your CBE experience is comfy and judgement free !

Be fully prepared to welcome the newest addition to your family.