The Pharmacy at Wellington is Changing the Game

We have all been there.

It's late and your baby is fussing, and not only are you in your pajamas, you also realized you ran out of baby wipes and diaper cream. Help!

The Pharmacy at Wellington is here to answer your prayers. 

The Pharmacy at Wellington's is offering an incredibly convenient service for their customers that stores a payment method and will personally deliver items right to your door. 

But when will you ever need that?

The first few weeks postpartum are likely crazy days that you really don't want to leave the house at all, let alone go shopping. 

Your doula can make a list of the supplies you need, place your order and it'll be promptly delivered to your door. 

This is an amazing resource for prescriptions. Can't get to the pharmacy? The Pharmacy at Wellington will use your on-file payment, and bring your prescription medication to your door. Along with that emergency chocolate bar you put on your order. Hey it's medicinal!

You'll never run out of baby supplies again with the Pharmacy at Wellington. Just give them a call and talk with Brittany, Nick, or Jenny to set up your account before your due date. Give it a few test runs when you run out vitamins, shampoo and need some snacks delivered. 

It'll be one of the best pre-baby preparations you'll do. 

At home shopping with same day delivery, without having to leave the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

Photo: Google Maps

Photo: Google Maps

This pharmacy is fully stocked and has all the essentials for mom and baby. 

Make the Pharmacy at Wellington part of your birth plan. Call their friendly and welcoming staff to set up arrangements with them to deliver medication and supplies right to your doorstep.

Their amazing pharmacists are all parents too, so they understand the struggle!

They even have a smartphone app. 

This is the perfect service for postpartum moms recovering after baby, mothers on bed rest, or just busy families that don't get the opportunity to run to the store!