Labor Day Barbecue Tips

It's almost Labor Day, is your barbecue ready to impress?

Labor Day is the perfect way to bring summer to an end and celebrate with family and friends. Throw a BBQ that's simple and fun, keeping you a social butterfly instead of a slave to the grill.

Don't let the school year creep up on you without paying homage to summer fun in the sun!

We put together some of our favorite barbecue tips to make your Labor Day party a new family tradition. 

Whenever you can, preparing dishes ahead will save you time and energy on the day of your party. Prepare a few sides that are no-heat or can easily heat up on the grill like macaroni and cheese or corn on the cob. 

Keeping your appetizer selection simple will keep your guests from filing up before dinner and cut back on a lot of cleanup. Stick to easy snacks like chips, dips and veggies. 

Opt for larger meats instead of individual portions. 

Cooking individual steaks or burgers will get time consuming and there's usually a lot of wasted food left over. Try larger steaks, roasts and loins that can be sliced and served.

These larger meat portions will be easier to prepare and cook, cutting back on the sad burgers left for dead by the end of the party. 

Sliced steak is a great option, letting your guests choose the portions. Any leftover steak can be added to a salad for a tasty lunch the following day. 

Go for fresh, seasonal ingredients. 

Once winter hits, you'll be sad you missed all that farm fresh produce. Grill up your veggies for a pop of flavor and use them as an appetizer or grill some fresh peaches for a unique dessert. 

Bringing some local produce into your BBQ menu keeps the flavors bright and you can feel good about supporting local farm stands. What better way to end the summertime with some amazing flavors of Arkansas' summer harvest.

Have some options for the kids.

Keep some grab and go snacks on hand for the kids. They'll probably not have much time in their busy agenda for a sit down meal, making hamburgers and hotdogs suitable for them. 

Have some popsicles on hand for dessert and let them get messy in the backyard, after all it's still summertime. 

If you want to give them a real treat, bring out s'mores ingredients. Kids and s'mores go together like fireflies and summertime, making it the perfect BBQ dessert. 

The most important tip is to keep your barbecue simple, and fun. 

Who says you need to go for fancy?

Keep your Labor Day soiree a casual event where your friends and family can reconnect and enjoy the summer before back to school season starts.