Back to School With Your Postpartum Doula

Getting your kids on a routine to transition back to school can seem like a nightmare while you're also trying to manage postpartum life with a newborn.

Sometimes the to-do list is a little overwhelming for one person to handle, and you wish you could call in some reinforcements.

Your postpartum doula can help!

A helping hand is always welcome and your postpartum doula is always happy to help make life a little easier for a mom trying to heal. 

Below are a few things your Arkansas Family Doulas postpartum doula can do to help lighten the load. 

Packing Lunches and Prepping Meals

With light meal prepping on the list of things your postpartum doula can provide, this is something you can take advantage of when it's time for the kids to go back to school. Your doula can get school lunches packed and make sure afternoon snacks are ready to go for when they come home. 

This is one less thing mom needs to worry about in the morning while getting the kids dressed and monitoring teeth brushing.

Checking one task off the busy morning routine is a breath of fresh air to any postpartum mom. 

Taking on Newborn Care

Your postpartum doula is there to care for your newborn while you fix yourself a cup of coffee and walk the kids to the bus stop. While your baby is in the best of care you can enjoy a little time to yourself and enjoy the peaceful walk back. 

Don't worry about rushing back to baby, your doula understands you need a little time to yourself. Take this opportunity to take a shower, eat some breakfast and get yourself dressed. You'll feel refreshed and ready to take on the day, never feeling rushed to get your kids ready every morning. 

Some Light Afternoon Errands

Your doula will help you run some afternoon errands so you can focus on getting your little ones off the bus and settled in to have an after school snack. You can help your kids start their homework and spend some quality time with them, knowing your errands are in good hands. 

Afternoon one on one time is important to have with your kids, teaching them to open up and celebrate accomplishments and get them through bad days. 

Your postpartum doula can even stay overnight to be ready to do it all again in the morning! 

Take advantage of the amazing opportunity to have a postpartum doula in your corner as you tackle your kid's back to school routine.