How Childbirth Is Like Football - The Razorbacks are Gearing Up, Are You?


Every football game starts with the National Anthem and a big kickoff. 

And every birth starts with a contraction.

Both of these things are an exhilarating way to start the big day. 

The Razorbacks are gearing up for the 2016 football season, and all the players have been practicing hard and ready to go. Each player brings something special to the table, and everyone plays an important role in achieving that big win.

Your dedication to childbirth education classes are about to pay off as you and your team step onto the field for the kickoff. 

Its time!

Her Water Broke!

*Cue Hog Call*

With a flip of a coin and a kickoff, let the game begin.

Your doula is your coach. She's helped you and your family to develop the "perfect play" and now that the big day is here, your doula is there to help execute the game plan. 

Consider your doctor or midwife your quarterback. They play the important role of physically delivering the play, which is in this case is the baby. Your quarterback hands the baby to the running back. That's you! Dad, its your time to shine.

The running back takes the baby right to the end zone where your doula is comforting mom as she waits to meet her bundle of joy.


*Cue Another Hog Call*

The cheerleaders and the crowd in the hospital's waiting room go wild when presented with the news of this momentous victory! 

Sure there might be a few fumbles along the way, but teamwork made the dream work!

Like every great victory,  the dedication and perseverance of a hardworking team made the success something to celebrate. 

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PSA: Dad, if you want to wear your lucky Razorbacks jersey to game day, it's recommended but not required. You should however, have a miniature jersey ready to welcome your new baby home.
Proudly representing Razorback Red.