When to Cut the Cord: You're Still A Mom If You Have To Work.

Maternity Leave is a beautiful thing.

You get to relax,recover and enjoy life with your new baby. But like all good things, this too must come to an end and you have to return to work. 

The thought of leaving your newborn home with a nanny, a relative, a babysitter, friends or anyone but you seems terrifying.

You may even feel guilty for having to leave.

But a career doesn't come to a screeching halt if you have a baby. 

Coming from another working mom, you might even find it a small relief to return to work postpartum. I know it seems crazy but hear me out.

The Daily Mini Vacation

A day at the office sounds nothing like a vacation, however some time away from home can be quite refreshing! A chance to chit chat in the office with coworkers gives you a chance to revel in the glory of your beautiful new kid and get some socializing in. You're in the office for eight hours and in that time you can drink at least 2 uninterrupted cups of coffee, eat your lunch without stopping to a baby cry. This after all is time to yourself. Enjoy.

A Whole New Glow 

Getting back into the routine of work will give you a whole new glow. You can hang up your super mom cape for a few hours and get some work done. You'll get a confidence boost tasking through the day getting things done. As a new mom, coworkers will be dying to ask you how the baby is going and although you'll miss your little one, you can show them all the photos of the baby in cute outfits that you've been dying to show off. 

Supermom Transition Complete

You'll feel like an absolute super human once you've spent the day juggling everything at work including meetings, emails, phone calls, and coming home and seamlessly picking up all your mom responsibilities. Not everyone can be that busy all day but you can, so for that you should give yourself the biggest round of applause. You'll be even better than before at multi tasking and feeding a baby while you're eating and folding laundry at the same time won't seem so challenging anymore.

That Walk in the Door

Nothing will feel better than walking in the door at the end of a long day, kicking your heels off in the doorway, and holding your baby. That bond that every mom has with their new baby will be that much stronger because you'll miss them every second that you're working. Coming home at the end of the day reminds you how you want to give them everything and your day spent working will make you feel proud and accomplished knowing you do it all for them.

If you're a mom returning to work you should keep these things in mind...

Spend that time to get yourself looking good in the morning. 

You'll look in the mirror and say "I look way to good to have a newborn baby. Postpartum period eat your heart out." You will scream confidence, perform better at work and that little extra self care will set the whole tone for the day. Wear those heels, rock that skirt, and put on that loud lipstick.

Don't get upset if you cant fit into your pre-pregnancy pants because your body can take 10 weeks or longer to bounce back. Treat yourself to postpartum outfits that fit and are comfortable around your belly and not too tight. You'll feel so much better working in an outfit that fits you properly. 

Don't forget to eat. And eat right.

It's difficult to eat properly when there's donuts on the table of the boardroom to stare at. Be prepared and head to the office with an arsenal of healthy snacks to keep that good energy flowing all day. You'll feel way better when its time to head home to baby and will effortlessly battle the evening grumpies from your newborn.

No shame in pumping.

If you need to, don't feel embarrassed to take the opportunity to pump throughout the day. Giving yourself enough time to pump when you need to will give you breaks away from your computer screen and keeps you healthy! Keep with a schedule and making arrangements ahead of time will get you a secure and relaxing space for you to pump during your workday. We love some of the tips from parenting.com about how to pump during work. You have legal rights to a clean safe area to pump and make sure your employer understands a bathroom isn't one of those places. 

Be prepared. 

As a mom you know the importance of being prepared and ready to take on any emergency, and the same goes for packing a work bag. You should bring a change of clothes, including underwear because you never really know what could happen. Those snacks we told you to bring should make it in your bag the night before so you don't forget about them.  Prep dinners the night before when you can, your partner will appreciate not having to eat more takeout or scrambling to figure out how to navigate the kitchen.

You have to go back to work? Don't sweat it. 

You got this.

You're a tough multi tasking mom that has real things to do and a real cute newborn at home and both those things are okay to use in the same sentence. The working mom is a modern reality and nothing to feel guilty or bad about. 

Confidence is key here and its important to realize that it takes courage and determination to return to work and help support their family. You worked hard to earn this career whether it be business ownership, office work, or something more physical (be careful on your recovering body if your workday is tough on you physically). 

Be proud of yourself and everything you accomplish as a working mom.