Postpartum Support with Arkansas Family Doulas


The postpartum period is arguably the most stressful period for a new mother after she gives birth to her baby. Physiological and environmental stressors often take a toll on the recovering mother and planning for this is an important step in mapping out your childbirth experience. 

In short...

What is the postpartum period?

The postpartum period is defined as the time frame after the physical birth of a baby. 

Physical Recovery During the Postpartum Period

You just went through the most trauma your body may have endured up until this point in your life. There is a significant amount of rest and recovery that needs to happen in the days to come. Staying attuned to your body and monitoring symptoms and changes will keep yourself safe from medical emergencies or complications that may occur.

Your body (in the reproductive sense) is trying to reset itself. Your menstruation will resume but will likely be irregular, however regularly occurring heavy bleeding should be reported to your physician right away as hemorrhages are a very real concern. 

Your immune system will likely be under fire, so be sure you are getting enough rest and proper nutrition as you will be in constant proximity with a new baby that does not have the same immunity as the adults caring for them. Keep everything clean during this time and where possible, free of harsh chemicals. 

Self Care During the Postpartum Period

Physical self care should also include breast health even if you are not breastfeeding. Keep your breasts properly supported and if you are breastfeeding have your doula help you create and maintain a breastfeeding schedule based on the needs of you and your child. 

Manage your emotional well being and help manage your stress in ways that boost your confidence and combat mood swings. Your hormones are all over the place, and that's okay.  Take time to yourself whenever possible and the little mood lifting activities you can manage alongside newborn care will make the world of difference. 

Exercise During the Postpartum Period

Exercise will likely be the furthest from your mind, however it will boost your mood and skyrocket your self esteem as a regular part of your schedule. Exercising will increase your strength and stamina, and you will get that boost of energy you need to seize the day. As you see your pre-baby-body emerge from the ashes you will be an unstoppable force of self confidence.

Attending postpartum exercise classes will not only train your body to exercise within the limits of your recovering body, but do so with moms just like you. You will have the opportunity to socialize with other new moms in various stages of recovery and be a support system for each other. That social support will keep you coming back, allowing you to look forward to exercising routinely. 

Back to Eating for One

Good nutrition is essential to your recovery and the health of your baby if you are breastfeeding. Eat for sustainable energy that lasts, putting good nutrition that goes to work for you. Balance your meals to incorporate a little of every nutrient you need to stay healthy and boost your immune system. Eating clean will kickstart your metabolism and improve that "bounce-back" you're looking for. 

Find recipes online that make clean eating fun for the whole family, finding a great opportunity to make sure everyone is eating healthier. And for breastfeeding moms remember to give yourself all the nutrients that your baby needs during this critical developmental stage.

Postpartum Placenta Specialist

Placenta encapsulation is a tradition routine to many cultures, to improve hormonal balance in new mothers postpartum. A Postpartum Placenta Specialist (PPS) ensures that your placenta is encapsulated properly and professionally. A new mother consuming these capsules benefit by chemically balancing mood enhancing hormones, stress management hormones, a stronger bond with their newborn, increased milk supply and improved iron levels. The placenta is a powerful source of development and encapsulating can assist the mother beyond the postpartum period to menstruation and menopause. A PPS doula offering in home services can include the parents in the process and ensure the encapsulation is sterile in a familiar environment. Become educated on PPS services and the benefits of encapsulation when planning your childbirth. 

We offer placenta encapsulation at Arkansas Family Doulas and ensure that your remain informed and are receiving a safe and quality experience by our certified PPS staff. 

Things to Remember

You don't have to navigate through the postpartum period alone and our team of trained doulas at Arkansas Family Doulas are here to help you be the best mom you can be.

No stress should be enough for you to feel lost or hopeless, you have an entire team behind you and remember that this is the moment you have been waiting for; a beautiful and healthy baby nestled in your lap.

You are supermom.

For more information regarding our postpartum services and care, contact Arkansas Family Doulas for a complimentary consultation.