Private Childbirth Classes

Man Holding hands of Pregnant Winfe

Traditionally, childbirth education classes have been taught in a group setting surrounded by other couples. While you all may be going through the same things, sharing intimate detail about your pregnancy journey with people you don't know, or worse, people you do know can be intimidating or embarrassing. Did you know you have another option?

Let us paint you a picture...

You hear a knock on the door, it's your childbirth educator arriving for your private childbirth classes. You welcome them in, leading them to your sitting room as you make small talk about your work, the nursery and what your are most excited for when your baby comes.

You both take a seat and you cover yourself with your favorite lap throw with the family dog curled up beside you. She hands you your personalized childbirth guide and begin to talk about what to expect, discuss any questions you may have and have an open discussion about anything and everything.

When reaching a break in your discussion, you are able to grab a slice of pie with a glass of iced tea of maybe a warm cup of coffee. When you return to finish working through the childbirth guide, you ask personal questions that may be a little embarrassing but are completely normal. Your childbirth educator reassures you anxieties, helps you think through scenarios and gives you all the tools you need to feel confident going into labor.

As your private childbirth class comes to an end, you walk your educator out, say your goodbyes and you go back to your day. You've got your childbirth guide and your local educator just a call away.

Whether your in Fort Smith, Little Rock, Conway or Jonesboro, we have a private childbirth classes available in your region. Contact us to schedule your private childbirth classes today.