Allergy Free Halloween

Trick or treaters will be knocking at the door in no time with Halloween only days away.

Halloween safety is a big priority for parents planning on taking their kids around the neighborhood, but what are most Halloween safety guides missing?

With more understanding about childhood allergy risks, conversations about Halloween safety are steadily changing.

With allergy awareness spreading, many homes are accommodating childhood allergies by offering nut free, gluten free and dairy free candies to their Halloween visitors.

Because many people don’t understand or consider allergy risks when selecting their Halloween candy, it is important to talk to allergen sensitive kids about how to stay safe with their Halloween candy.

No one wants their children to miss out on the Halloween experience.

But they don’t have to!

Safe Trick or Treating

To ensure there’s plenty of safe treats for your children to receive on Halloween, try delivering some safe candy to homes on your block. They’ll appreciate the gesture and your candy donation will be a sigh of relief to the parents of children with severe allergies.

Another option for your allergy sensitive trick or treater is to spread the Halloween love! Get a bunch of safe candy and treats for your child to enjoy and they can proceed trick or treating but use the candy for a good cause. Many organizations collect candy for children who may live in unsafe areas where they cannot trick or treat, children's hospitals and efforts to send care packages to troops overseas. Your little one will still get to trick or treat and will be doing a selfless act of kindness for someone else.

If you are going out, make sure you travel prepared with your emergency medications and epinephrine.


Trick or Treating Alternatives

If you aren’t trying to risk allergen exposure, why not create a different Halloween fun for your kids to enjoy? Throw a big Halloween party inviting family and friends where you can keep a close watch on food ingredients. Your party can include fun games and prizes, making sure everyone’s Halloween is as safe and fun as can be! 

Try coordinating a big scavenger hunt in your neighborhood. Color code the containers that hold treats and prizes, with teal symbolizing allergen free. Neighborhood kids will love mixing it up and trying out a new tradition. Get neighborhood parents involved with your efforts to create safe activities that all the children in your community can enjoy.

An allergy free Halloween doesn’t have to disappoint!

Work with parents in your neighborhood to create an environment that promotes safe trick or treating for our allergy sensitive kiddos.

The teal pumpkin project is an organization of parents that are sending this message around to create allergy awareness in our communities nationwide and encourage families to support a safer alternative to some candies that could really injure some children.

Placing a teal painted pumpkin on your front steps indicates you are handing out allergen free treats. It’s a symbol that is becoming nationally known, allowing children to confidently trick or treat without drawing attention to their allergies.

Support the teal pumpkin project and place on on your porch to welcome allergy sensitive ghouls and goblins this Halloween!