Breaking the Silence of Infant Loss

October is Infant Loss Awareness Month. 


This gives families that have experienced the loss of a child the opportunity to speak up and out about their experience. But what about every other day during the year?

The emptiness of losing a child doesn't disappear, or come around once a year. Families affected by the heartbreak of infant loss and miscarriage experience the ache constantly, and the strength it takes to get through hard days is worth recognizing. 

This month is not only about breaking the silence of infant and child loss, but living the silence through the year.

Some days are harder than others. Due dates, birthdays, anniversaries are particularly difficult for families to endure and feel confident talking about. 

What would they look like, where would we be right now?

The void is constant. 

Everyone handles the pain of infant loss differently, but it doesn't have to be alone. 

We don't want you to sit in the silence.

Our doula team has the amazing resource of Kayla, one of our doulas and our Certified Stillbirthday Doula. 

Kayla works with families experiencing miscarriage or infant loss, helping them manage their grieving process and promoting healthy coping mechanisms. No family should suffer in silence and Kayla works passionately with mourning families to help them through the most difficult experience they will ever face. 

If you or a loved one has lost a baby, don't wait to reach out to us. 

We are here to support your family through the good and bad, through every stage.


You Remain My Precious Dream

I dreamed a little dream,
Once upon a time.
I dreamed we'd be together one day,
Sweet little baby of mine.

Sadly that dream was not meant to be,
And it's very difficult to know,
That now you won't be coming to me.
You weren't strong enough to thrive and grow,

But I know that you're in heaven now
And that's a very good place to be.
And I know that when I get there,
I'll recognize you, and you'll know me.

We'll get to share the love we would
Have shared here on this earth.
And then we'll know without a doubt
What all this waiting was worth.