Riverfront Student Doulas?


You are here so you have likely heard of a doula and if you have heard and searched for a doula, you have probably heard the terms “Free” or “Student” doulas. At Riverfront Doulas, we often get inquiries on if we have any. We don’t, and here’s why:



  1. Riverfront Doulas isn't a certifying agency. All of our doulas are trained through the nationally and internationally recognized organization ProDoula. Riverfront Doulas is equal opportunity and though one person may have attended more births than another, we don’t believe it discounts their innate ability to serve their clients. ProDoula is an extraordinary organization that has equipped our Doulas with what we believe is EVERYTHING they need to serve you. 
  2. They have training in how to be most compatible and how to speak to every client’s personality, problem solving resources and coping techniques to share with you, and the ability to serve you in a judgement free manner supporting you through this transforming time. 
  3. Our Doulas all share an on-call schedule guaranteeing reliability. What does this mean? During your prenatal visits, you will always meet with two doulas. Most of our call schedules vary weekly and most moms deliver between 36 and 42 weeks. You can find comfort in knowing that you have already met the amazing woman attending your birth and she isn’t this mysterious ‘back-up’ that you’ve never met before or a random doula buddy with different values and training.
  4. We are active members in our community. We will continue bettering ourselves and keeping up with the latest education. When possible, we always attend the most up to date workshops and classes to better us in our field, most recently appearing at the 2015 Lactation Symposium at Little Rock’s UAMS (University of Arkansas Medical Sciences), focusing on breastfeeding and postpartum. 
  5. Our Birth Service outline is the first of it’s kind in Little Rock, Arkansas.
    1. 2 (1 hour) prenatals with your two doulas
    2. Guaranteed time with your on call doula during labor
    3. 1 (1 hour) postpartum meeting with your two doulas
    4. A gift valuing $100 from Riverfront Doulas

We believe that all of our Doulas have the ability to serve you in the same confident, comforting manner. We couldn’t justify why one doula is worth more than another since we all have the same amazing training and goal. To support you through the birth that you desire. We are all committed to excellence. We value our Doulas here at Riverfront and they value you. Sure, we all have our own little quirks and facts that you can read on our about page, but the support you will receive during your birth will be exceptional regardless of who attends. We're committed to making you our priority.

Bonus - all of our Birth Doulas have a broad scope of training including Postpartum Care, Basic Breastfeeding Support and Newborn Basics! 

Authored By: Christine Malmstrom