Have you been wanting a rewarding career helping women and families? Do you love caring for babies? Are you ready to turn your passion into a paycheck? 

Let's talk. 

The journey to becoming a doula is exciting, challenging and impactful. There are a lot of great options in certifying bodies and training programs. We are happy to help you plan your path to this rewarding career and tell you more about our team.

All of our doulas have been trained, vetted, and are of a similar philosophy: every family deserves non-judgmental support.  We are committed to nurturing strong doulas who are also well-respected professionals. We aim to support our doulas in the same way a doula supports a client.

To learn more about becoming a doula and joining our family, click the button below!

AFD Owner,  Sondra  with her husband at conference

AFD Owner, Sondra with her husband at conference

AFD Team Members  Cherish ,  Madelyn , and  Sondra

AFD Team Members Cherish, Madelyn, and Sondra

C  hristine  &  Sondra  at Conference

Christine & Sondra at Conference