Serving Central Arkansas 


Alexis is a transplant Arkansan, born in Milwaukee, WI but Arkansas is where she calls home. She is a wife and mother of two boys, Jayden and Malcolm. Alexis has received professional training as a labor and postpartum doula through ProDoula and DONA in addition to acquiring an Adult and Pediatric first aid/CPR/AED certification.

It was while Alexis was in high school that she first made the declaration to have a career in supporting families before, during, and after childbirth, but her journey to become a doula didn’t happen until after the birth of her two sons. Leading up to, and after the birth of her first son, Jayden, Alexis experienced life changing medical episodes that led to an emergency cesarean and extended hospital stay that changed her perspective of the importance of support and knowledge. Fortunately, her second birth ended with a successful VBAC due to the support of her doctor and family.  With that first-hand experience, along with countless stories from family, friends, and people of the community, Alexis decided that all women and families should be aware that there is support available and most importantly accessible.

For years Alexis had been giving support to families during the postpartum period by assisting mothers recover and reflect on their birthing experience, and provide infant care. Although child birth can sometimes be perceived as a giant question mark, Alexis’ goal is to help encourage, support, and empower families during one of the most chaotic, yet beautiful, moments in their lives through unbiased love and nonjudgmental support.